Product Literature

Product Literature

Above Ground Pump And Equipment

Petroleum Tank Truck Equipment

Loading Rack And Terminal Equipment

Barrel Faucets Air Interlock Valve API Bottom Loading Couplers
Expansion Relief Valve API Dust Caps Bottom Loading Swivels
Fill-Rite Fuel Pump 12-Volt Bottom Loading Valve API Bottom Loading Arms
Fill-Rite Fuel Pump 110/220V Dry Break Emco Couplers OPW Overfill Systems
Fill-Rite AST Cabinet Pumps Dry Break Adapters Scully Ground System ST47
Fill-Rite DEF Pump 12v/110v Dry Break OPW Couplers Scully Intellitrol Overfill
Fill-Rite Lube Pump 12v/110v Dry Break OPW Adapters Scully Overfill SystemST15
Fill-Rite Hand Pumps Elbows Coaxial Scully Plugs & Cord Sets
Fill-Rite Flow Meters Elbows Drop 4 Swivel Joints
Fill Caps Vented Elbows Vapor Recovery Top Loading Arms
Fuel Filters & Filter Bases Emergency Valve Air
Gammon Quick Disconnects Emergency Valve Mechanical

Fittings Clamps & Valves

Gauge Clock-Overfill Alarm Gravity Drop Adapters API Ball Valves Brass
Gauge Sight Type D Kruger Hose Reels Hannay Ball Valves Stainless Steel
Gauge Sight Type H Kruger Hose Reel Brakes Hannay Ball Valves 2-Way Diverter
Gauge Leak Type K Kruger Hose Reel Motors Hannay Cam & Groove Fittings
Gauge Scully Econ-O-Gauge Hose Reel Swivels Hannay Cam & Groove Reducers
Gauge Scully Golden Gauge Hose Reel Switches Hannay Cam & Groove V/R Fittings
Nozzle Automatic Gas-Diesel Hose Reels Static Discharge Cam & Groove Gaskets
Nozzle Manual Farm & Bulk Manifold System Air Chicago Air King Fittings
Nozzle Aircraft Overwing Manholes Petroleum Tanks Clamps Center Punch & Tools
Nozzle Scully Mark IV Scully Flow Control Clamps Strapping & Buckles
Spill Containers AST Meters FPP L/C King Nipples
Strainers Y-Type Placards & Holders Pipe Fittings Threaded
Swivels & Breakaways Pumps Blackmer Pipe Nipples Threaded
Swivels Scully Pumps Roper Push On Fittings
Top Seal Caps & Adapters Register Veeder Root Safety Bump Plugs
Unifill Adapters, Spout, Scully Sight Glasses TTMA
Vent Alarms TTMA Flanges Gaskets


Vents Emergency TTMA Flanges Aircraft Refueling Hoses
Vents Pressure Vacuum Vapor Recovery Boots Bio Diesel Fuel Hoses
Vents Up Draft Vapor Recovery Cap & Valve Chemical Hoses
Vents Pressure Vacuum Composite Hoses


Vents Air & Mechanical Curb Pump Hoses
Absorbent Oil Dry Pads Victaulic Clamps & Gaskets Fuel Oil Delivery Hoses
Containment Pools Wet-R-Dry Valves Gasoline Drop Hoses
Drain Covers & Berms Petroleum Tank Truck Hoses
Socks Absorbent

Truck Overfill Equipment

Push On Hose
Spill Kits & Response Kits Cable & Strain Relief Fittings Steam Hose
Spill Pallets & Containments Complete Overfill Systems Vapor Recovery Hose
Tank Gauge Sticks Ground Hogs & Ground Bolts
Thread Sealant Gasoila Face Plate Assemblies
Traffic Cones ROM II Overfill Probes
Water Finder Paste Scully Overfill Probes
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